Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Knitting in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Cabanha Ecolã

Chemical dyed yarns
view from the front door
This July I had a great opportunity to visit Porto Alegre, the capital of Brazil's most southern state; and a very nice place to visit. I had a chance to go to one quilt store that was really nice; but the best discovery was this great knitting store that my friend took me to visit.
They have the incredibly beautiful yarns from other countries like the Japanese Noro that I love; but what impressed me the most was the great yarn that they produce.
The wool come from their sheep. They outsource the spinning; but they do in house dying (tingir). They have the chemical dying; and vegetable dying. This last one is all organic and gorgeous.
The service is superb also. I had a nice visit.
In a future post, I will post the gorgeous vegetable dyed yarns that I bought.
The skeins are sold by weight, a common practice in Brazil; but they are planning to add the yardage; or in this case I think it will be meters and not yards on the label.
Check them out at www.facebook.com/cabanhaecola

Or visit them at the address below if you are in Brazil (Brasil for the ones that know that Brasil is with "s").
Cabanha Ecolã
Avenida Pereira Passos 1152, Vila Assunção, Porto Alegre, Brasil
(51) 3268-0123

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