Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beyond the Cherrie Tree: 4 more blocks

I have finished 4 more blocks of my Beyond the Cherrie Tree quilt. I still cannot figure out why the photos are not so good. I will have to take a photography class for sure. It is either too dark or too light. In addition,  when I try to crop the pictures in this computer, it shows as cropped; but doesn't save like that.
Well enough of sad stories. Here they are the last 4.
Blocks 17, 14, 10, 13

Block 10

Block 14

Block 10

Block 13 (not the real colors)

Next one in progress

 None of them are trimmed. I will do the trimming only when I have all the blocks done.
The little fella to the right (last photo) is a block from "Star and Sprigs" sneaking in the picture.


  1. Your blocks look great...it just looks like a shadow in there;I never know how my pics will turn out either. Camera has so may modes; I can't remember how to use them...lol

  2. Your blocks are looking great. You are right to not trim them down until they are all done. Some of my applique actually had to be removed and adjusted, could have been how I printed some patterns(?). Anyways, stick to this project. I have a tiny bit left on one border, then I need to attach top and bottom and finish off the applique in the corners. Some have finished theirs and they are beautiful!

  3. Fantastic blocks!!

    PS, took me 3x to get the word verification!


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