Friday, June 15, 2012

Lisbon/Lisboa Quilt Store

This cute quilt and yarn store is in Lisbon, Portugal. 
It is called Rosa Pomar and the address is: Rua do Laredo, 61- 2 esq. (second floor)
1200-241 Lisbon, Portugal. You can also see it at
They have great Portuguese yarn, gifts for sale, quilting classes and some fabrics, including a little bit of Portuguese fabrics.
I did buy some of the hand dyed yarn and a couple of meters of Portuguese "Chita" that is a type of cotton fabric that I know well from growing up in Brazil. The staff is very friendly and gave me more ideas of where to go to see and buy wonderful items made in Portugal. I don't have a photo of the stuff I bought. So, it will be another post.


  1. Thanks for this post; I'm going to Lisbon in September and was looking to visit some quilt shops in Lisbon.

    1. Celia,
      I think you will love Lisbon. I didn't visit any other quilt stores; but I bought a magazine "Casa Claudia Ideias" and it has some interesting stores; ie. Patchmania, and Meninos na Linha both in Oeiras. Again, I did not visit them, but would have done it if I had time.
      Let me know if you want any more info.

  2. I love a quilt store that has yarn as well and even better when it has gifts.


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