Friday, June 14, 2013

Chapel Hill Public Library

CHPL main entrance
After a couple of years closed for remodeling and expansion, the CH Public library reopened with an awesome new building. But this post is about parking. 
The new parking lot across the main entrance has several new spots. Do you see my car below?
Now look down on the next photo and see the sign on the post where it is parked.
And this spot is next to the spots reserved for disabled individuals.
We the green people get preferred parking too.
I LOVE this town.

The sign on 3 spots next to the disabled parking

The disabled reserved parking spots are closer to the door as it should be.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kamakura, Japan

This is the main reason I wanted to visit Japan. I wanted to go to Kamakura. This is a gorgeous city that was the center of government in Japan until 1313. This wonderful Buddha was inside a temple and it was covered with gold leaf. That is until a tsunami in the 1600's took the building and weather since then has taken the gold leaf.
The famous Kamakura Buddha

Great city with thousands years of  history

Largest Shinto temple 
View of the bay. Mountains are around the other 3 sides of the  city
Kamakura was spared from bombing during WWII, that is the reason we can admire and visit such a wonderful place today.

Wool BOM- Moon Garden

Lisa Bongean is starting a new BOM called Moon Garden. It will be 12 baskets. Block size about 16" -17" light wool on dark cotton ...