Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wash your fabrics

Wedding Ring
Last year, I was inspired by a post from this link:
 She had made this incredible quilt for a contest and won first place. I knew she would win. Her block is lovely. She made it 17 inches square and used 2 inch squares of fabric given to her. You can see her post on the link above.
I had decided to make a similar one; but with my spin on her idea. Mine is a rectangle and I did draft it by hand. (I do like hers much better); but I was thinking about making and donating mine to our Guild silent auction that will benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.
My intention was to see if I could do it, send a photo to her and ask permission to donate and give her credit on the design, of course.
This is the picture I was going to send her while I was almost finished with the binding.
Well, it all changed when I washed the quilt. Many of the colors have run. Three washes later with as many catch all sheets and the top is still a mess.
So, I will try wash once more and try other stain removers; and if it works, I will ask her if I can donate it. Otherwise, it will live in my studio where everything is loved even if not perfect.
I will have to come up with another donation soon. The silent auction is in October.
Note:  5 washes and as many catch all sheets did the trick. The quilt is looking OK again.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thank you and work in progress

This is a thank you very much and work in progress post.
Back in July, Sheila from had a blog hop and give away. Since I am a follower and liked her post so much, I entered her give away; and I won. Hurray!
But I was out of the country and my reply to Sheila was lost in cyber space. Long story short, she saved my prizes and mailed to me weeks later when we got in touch again. I love everything she sent me. I can't thank her enough for her generosity.

These are my wining prizes from Sheila ^-^

Now with the work part.
These 2 blocks are the last  two installment of the BOM sew along. (See link on the right).
We are almost done with the sew along.
I like this sew one block a month so much. I can sew at my own pace and I am often behind. But I eventually I make them.

BOM blocks for July and August

This is my "Lisboa" quilt in progress
My long term hand quilting is done. I had just added the biding by machine when I took this picture. But I still have to finish the binding by hand.
I called it "Lisboa" which is "Lisbon" in Portuguese. 
The quilt was all drafted by me. Yes, I know that there are many patterns available; but I like to draft, so I do it. My quilt is 58 inches square.
It all started when I bought a jelly roll of a fabric line by April Cornell called "Portugal." Since I am half Portuguese, I had to have it, of course. 
This past June, I was in Lisbon and I LOVED the city, hence the name of the quilt.
 Now back to binding.
Thanks again Sheila.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

African American Quilts at Hayti in Durham, NC

The African American Quilt Circle of Durham, North Carolina has an annual quilt show that is a must see if you are in this area. The current show, pictured here, will end September 30th; 2012.
The name of this year show is: "Woven Melodies." The statements with the quilts explain so beautifully the creation process of the art pieces. There are a lot more quilts than what are pictured here. Hope you go and check it out. The link below has the information on time, place, directions, etc.

EXHIBITION: "Woven Melodies" by African American Quilt Circle ...

Wool BOM- Moon Garden

Lisa Bongean is starting a new BOM called Moon Garden. It will be 12 baskets. Block size about 16" -17" light wool on dark cotton ...