Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy is a quilt on the wall

I am very happy because 2 of my quilts will be in the Sydney Quilt Show June 15, 2010. One is a collaborative piece with blocks made by the Hill House ladies. It is all Halloween fabrics and very bright. The other one is made with Australian fabrics. Photos to come later (after the show).
I also received the most beautiful thank you note from the "Family House" of Chapel Hill for the 2 quilts that was donated to them. Family House is a place for families dealing with medical issues to stay while their loved ones are being treated in one of the area hospitals. I should be thanking them for the privilege to have my quilts on their walls. I just hope the quilts will help bright their home away from home.:)
I will visit them and take pictures to post. But it might be after the trip to Spain next week ;)

16 Patch Star

This block was made using all the fabrics available for a challenge. It is 12.5 inches unfinished. The small squares are cut at 2 inches ...