Thursday, January 17, 2013

BTCT Progress

I have been "computerless" for quite some time. 
My brand new computer (2 weeks old) had to be returned to the manufacturer because some serious malfunctions (yes, with an "s"). They kept it for 1 month. The excuse was that they were waiting for a part to come. 
When I got the computer back, it came back with the EXACTLY same problems. The first message when we re-installed everything and ran a diagnostic test was: "Fatal error." How about that!
Thank you DH, who did not put up with any more of this nonsense. He got very busy on the phone with many levels of employees; and after a couple of hours, I have a new computer. Knock on wood, this one is great.
Enough of sad stories. This is my Beyond the Cherie Tree blocks as of 12-12-12. I have finished a few more blocks since; but I have been too busy to set it all out and take pictures. 
It feels good to blog again.
Now back to learn how to use Windows 8. Wish me luck!

BTCT  Blocks


  1. your blocks are so pretty. good luck with your new computer.

  2. Thanks Carrie, I am loving your progress on your UfOs.

  3. Fantastic! I love your colours a lot.


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