Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yarn stores in Granada and Seville, Spain

EDITOR NOTE: Sad to report that Home Suit Home in Granada is OUT of business. There is a gorgeous olive oil store in this address as of March 2016.

Just back from a trip to Seville and Granada in Spain where I had a chance to visit some nice yarn stores among site seeing.
I did buy some nice yarn and almost finished a scarf on the way home. Long trip due to weather.
In Granada, I visited:

"Home suit home"
Calle San Anton 10 Bajo
18012 Granada
 phone: 958521995
Granada, Spain

The store has some nice yarns AND fabrics. There is an area for classes and it is very close to the historic center, so if you are around the center area, it is just a few steps away.
I did buy some cotton yarn  "Katia Arte" which is MADE in Spain. How cool is that!
There is a yarn store at "Gran Vie de Colon" near "porta de Elvira;" but I did not manage to get there when the store was opened. I did buy yarn there in the past.

The address:
Lanas Ricardo
Pie de la Torre, 4
Zona Centro, Granada

Next, it was Seville. There I went to "Lanas Esther" where the ladies that own the place make you feel very welcome and are very helpful. I did buy more cotton yarn, this time "Katia Thahiti Beach" in 2 different colors (this is a variegated thread), and another ribbon type thread that is acrylic but looks like cotton.  I bought "Katia Jedi" to make a cool top that the ladies where kind enough to write down the directions for me. I can't wait to make this one. But it has to wait a little longer so I can finish some other projects.

The address:
Lanas Esther
Calle Madre Ràfols, 3
41011 Sevilla, Spain
+34 954 45 56 94
Plaza de Spain in Seville

Barrio Remedios in Seville
Lanas Esther as photographed by DH.

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