Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hong Ram Studio in Seoul

Kim Young A is an extremely talented artist in Seoul, South Korea. Her trade mark is Hong Ram. This is her studio where all her magic comes to life. She was a wonderful hostess; and showed us all her beautiful hand work. I was totally blown away by her talent and how prolific she is. I loved everything. Her quilts, clothing, dyed fabrics; and meticulous hand work. She is also a generous person with her time and talent.
My friends Songhee and Eunpyo took me there for one of the best days in Seoul. I absolutely love the traditional Korean dresses; and Kim Young A let me try her gorgeous dress :-D. 
Kim Young A, Songhee, and I
Any traditional outfit like the Korean ones or the Indian Saris are considered formal wear. I can attest that you feel like a million bucks when you wear one. (it has been a not so secret of mine that I wanted to try one of them).

Eunpyo trying the outfit 

lots of help to get dressed, also look at her lovely white dress

ta daaaa!

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