Monday, December 26, 2011

Very little sewing

 I spent 2 hours this morning sewing. I have to say that I could have done a lot better if I didn't make so many mistakes. It must be the several weeks without sewing that made it harder for me to do the simplest of the jobs.
The photo above is the 11 Ohio Stars I have finished for Orca Bay Mystery step 6. I usually don't like to show my work in progress because I never like what I am doing. But I do like these stars.
Below is the Blogger's Block of the Month Star for November. It was published on November 25th; but I just made it this morning. I had a hard time deciding on what colors to make this one. I did not like anything I did. So, I did modify it to look like this :-(
I am not happy at all with it, so I will make another one later. I was not too inspired I guess. Maybe I will make it the way it was designed and change the fabrics around.
I had a great day after that at the movies; and eating left overs.


  1. I like your stars too!I love the wee tan/cream fabrics.

  2. I like your stars! I made some mistakes too. Those hourglass pieces always seem to want to turn the wrong way, right.

  3. I am very partial to stars and really love your black and white blocks. This is going to make a gorgeous quilt.


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