Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ornament Exchange

My Wednesday Bunch group had the yearly get together for the holidays this week. We made 1 ornament and wrapped it well. Than we drew numbers for the little package would go home with us. The ornaments were all so beautiful!
The one on top is the one I made. I saw this before; but unfortunately, don't remember where I saw it.
The one below is the one that Joan made. It is gorgeous. She used paint sticks, stencil, and beading. The pipping is about 1/8 inch. Too cute. I am so glad it is mine now.

To make the bird ornament, you will need:
. 1 small bird (about 1/2 and I found this one at Michaels).
. 1 1-1/2 inch wide clay pot.
.  large red seed beads and thin wire to make clusters of berries. (I used 3 beads per cluster)
. 2 pieces of artificial greens. I cut a 5 inch piece and made a circle; and another piece about 4 inches and folded in half to make the nest. I glued them in place using E-6000 glue and let it dry overnight.
. about 12 inches of ribbon to glue around the pot so you can hang it on your tree. (I used Tacky glue). Tie a knot at the base around the pot and tie a know on top to make the hanger. Trim as needed. I also added some seed beads to the ribbon. You are done.
You could just buy a small sprig of greens and glue to the pot; but I had all the materials above, so I made it my way.
Easy and fast to make.
Happy Holidays and Happy Everyday in 2012.

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