Thursday, April 19, 2012

Australian bits- Qantas and Jet Star

The flight from Melbourne to Sydney is about 40 minutes long. This is the snack we got on this Qantas flight (no extra charge).
It is organic vegetable crackers with just vegetables pressed as a cracker and some hummus as dip. Yes, it is good wine too. Who new that food was still available in short flights. And good food nonetheless.
Now, so we did not get too shocked, on the same flight operated by Jet Star (co shared with Qantas), we had to pay for water. Really? "Jet Star, really?" Pay for water? I hope the US airlines don't get any ideas about water charges.
Just had to share.

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  1. Loved seeing your "Birding" quilt that was in the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival. It's lovely. (Sounds like you have the best friends too! They certainly all celebrated you and your quilt.) I've enjoyed reading your blog too. What a wonderful trip you are having!
    I looked at your other blog....your quilts are stunning! Love your sense of color and design.


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