Saturday, April 7, 2012

Linda Jackson- Bush Couture at NGV

Linda Jackson is a designer from Sydney, Australia. Her beautiful outfits pictured here are at the National Gallery of Victoria (Ian Porter one), in Melbourne. I had the pleasure to spend a couple of hours admiring her work. The photos were taken without flash; but you can see the beauty of the pieces. This last one is one of the first patchwork pieces that she designed. I could not pick a favorite. I just imagine wearing one of this outfits. How cool, indeed.

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  1. What a colorful exhibition! I saw your comment on BTCT blog so I popped over to visit. Your BTCT is fabulous, I see you like the same quilts as I, and your Birdie quilt is fab, I have the book, but not the time! JT2 is also on my plate right now.


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