Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Netherlands 1- Rotterdam

Last week I was in Rotterdam and Amsterdam with DH. It was a lot of fun to be back. This is my favorite view of Rotterdam. I love the "Cube Houses". The bridges are also wonderful, of course; but these buildings speak to me. This city is lovely. You just want to walk around a look at all the buildings. Rotterdam was destroyed during WW II and the rebuilding of the city became a major pride and joy today. It was cold; but the coffee is outstanding, so it is worth it. If you go, don't rent a car. Parking in the center is very expensive (30.00 Euros per night). Meters are .75 Euros for 17 minutes. (Why not 15 minutes I ask?) The traffic jams to go anywhere between Rotterdam and Amsterdam (Gouda, Delft, Den Hague) are huge. So take the Train, Tram, or anything that can move instead of a car. So remember to pack lightly. You have to carry your stuff and the places will be small anyways. Yes. I did buy fabric. More later.

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