Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Tops Completed

I am on my ever lasting mission of finishing tops. 
This black and gold one is my version of  "Soot&Ashes"  from Quilts by Cheri. It was a SAL (sew along) in October 2010. I did change it a bit. But I used most of Cheri's elements on my quilt top. I do mark my applique pieces with Crayola washable markers; and in this photo, the top has not been washed yet. I will do that after the top has been quilted. 
I usually wash before it is finished; but these fabrics are unraveling just by sitting there.  
Cheri's finished quilt can be found here:, November 3, 2010.

Black and Gold top

Top number 2  is my "Crayon Challenge."
My Bee is making this fun challenge. We each took 2 crayons out of a bag with 100 crayons without looking into the bag, of course. We must use the 2 colors taken and add one more of our own choice.
My 2 colors are: "cerise" and "yellow" as named on my crayons. My kind of colors.
In this challenge, one can use as many fabrics of the same 2 colors as wanted; but I found 2 fabrics of the perfect colors plus a third fabric that I loved at 5 bucks a yard. Link here:
Full disclaimer, Kelley from "5bucksayard" is a friend; but you have to visit her site and see the amazing fabrics that she has for sale. She is always adding more fabrics, so visit often and sign up to get the updates.
My block is a Disappearing Four Patch. Easy and fun to construct. I will make the back from the leftover fabrics and already cut the biding out of the "cerise" color.
Now back to sewing.

Crayon Challenge

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  1. AnonymousMay 08, 2014

    Cissa, the ever lasting mission to finish tops is going well, it seems. Good for you! It is just so difficult not starting a new top!! Keep showing your progress.


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