Friday, May 16, 2014

Creativity is messy

So much preparation and not much finishing going around here. Time to some serious clean up and some serious sewing. Happy month of May.

Benjamin Briggs block 5

Last one for this top

Mrs Billings border 9

Mrs. B last border (15)

Old top prep. for machine quilting


  1. OH, you have been very busy working on some pretty projects.

  2. I am making some hexagon flowers right now. One thought I have with them is to applique them on to plain blocks.
    Time will tell what I really end up doing with them.

  3. You have a lovely array of projects going on here ! :)


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My work at the Houston Quilt Festival 2017

It is hanging at the "Texas Quilt Guild Showcase." What an honor to be in such talented company.