Sunday, April 13, 2014

Star Block Challenge and BB block 4

Some  fun work done this week:
BB block 4
BB block 4 is done. I want to share a tip about ironing your blocks after washing them.
To have the block looking like it was never washed, spray it with a starch of your choice, put in a zipper type plastic bag (Ziploc), and put in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. I have left it overnight many times and it is fine. Take from the freezer and iron from the back. It will look great every time.

Your fabrics will look like they came from the bolt if you spray and freeze them before ironing as explained above.
Tennessee Star

I also made my block for the "Astronomical Quilts! Block Challenge."
If you don't know about this, it is a challenge put by astronaut Karen Nyberg.
For more information, please go to But basically, you need to make a 9 1/2" star block of your choice, write your name and city on the block; and mail it by August 1, 2014.
The mailing address is :
Star Block Challenge
Attn: Rhianna Griffin
7660 Woodway, Ste 550
Houston, TX 77063

To see a video of Karen sewing in space visit:
 It is amazing!

The block I made is called "Tennessee Star" by Carol Doak. From her book: 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars by Martingale and Co, 2000. The stars on her book are 12"; but with a 75% reduction, they finish 9"; therefore, the correct size for this challenge. The colors I chose have meaning to me, so don't mind them.

These last pictures are of donation quilts made by the Boll Weevils group. These are 2 ways of putting these blocks together on a top. We have a few more in progress. 
It is a fun and easy way to make great quilts. We are making the blocks scrappy and with various width of strips; but it can be made with strips of the same size. The instructions can be found in a youtube video by the Missouri Quilt Co; but the original block is by the 3 Dudes Quilting.

PS. I have not link the last 2 addresses; but you can copy/paste on your browser and visit the sites.


  1. Seriously? My blog is just my way to keep in touch with friends close and far. It is small and simple. Why waist your time with spams here?

  2. pretty bb block. i have seen other bloggers making those blocks.


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