Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 DOQ Holiday Blocks

As a member of DOQ ( my quilt guild), I like to participate on as many guild activities as possible. I think that is why I belong, so I can do quilt related activities with the group.
Every end of the year, we have a challenge to make quilt blocks with some fat quarter fabrics that we buy from the guild.
This year we have 2 fabrics, a snow man one and an African panel one.
We receive the guidelines to make the blocks when we buy the fabrics.
 In this case, we were to make a 12" block with the snow man fabric and a block that is a multiple of 2 with the Blue panel.
The 4 blue ladies were all together on the original panel, but we could separate them for the blocks as long as we did not chop them in any way. So, this is what I did, I made 2 blocks.

3 ladies in the panel, added a border with blue and white fabrics and a  coping strip at the bottom to make it an even size

1 lady panel, added the border with 1" blue and white squares
The snow man fabric was a fat quarter, so I added some of my own fabrics and made 3 blocks. They are all basically the same block with fabrics of different values. It took me very little time to make them. I used the easy angle and the companion rulers, so all the strips were cut the same size. The center block is 6 1/2".

Snow man on center of the block is the challenge fabric
Every block you make is a chance to win all the blocks our December meeting.
I can't wait to see what the talented people of this guild will make with their fabrics.

Oh, and we also have a red work embroidery block that I am finishing up.

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  1. what interesting fabric you had to use for the challenge. You made some great blocks. Can't wait to see your redwork block.

  2. thanks. I am a fan of your work.


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