Friday, June 29, 2012

Ramie and silks at Kwan Jang Market- Seoul

I was in Seoul for a couple of weeks. I am still jet lagged. I normally don't have problems; but I think the 2 stops is Europe made it more difficult. Not sure, it could be age :-(
I had the most fantastic time in Seoul. I will have a ton of posts, hopefully. My dear friend, who is not a quilter mind you, took me to dye fabric with natural indigo, to visit the most fantastic textile artist studios; and to visit galleries that sell their art to museums. But I get ahead of myself.
Now for this post. This is a wonderful fabric stall (Dark blue letters and numbers on the photo above is the address). It is in the Kwan Jang Market. To get there I took the subway line 1 to Jogno 5 ga Station exit 8. Than, just walk around and you will see the gorgeous Pojagi fabrics. 
This is a very traditional market with food, fabrics, etc all around you. I only buy the ramie fabrics. The silks are gorgeous also; but I am interested in ramie Pojagi, so that is what I get. 
This year, I found some beautiful ramie that are embroidered, printed, and hand painted. In the past, I have only seen solid ones. The prices are around US$ 5.00 to $7.00 a yard for solid and up to US$15.00 for hand painted.
P.S. Some of the stores close on Sundays.

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