Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Beyond the Cherry Trees Blocks

Block 6
I have finished the applique on 3 more blocks for the "Beyond the Cherry Trees" quilt. I am also learning some new skills for my computer photo editing. Not always successfully in my endeavors as you can attest. But moving on, I am learning. Hopefully I will improve soon.

Block 11

Block 8
I am not making the blocks in the order of publication; but these are the block numbers as published by Sentimental Stitches.
Blocks 10, 14, 13
These last 3 blocks are prepared to be appliqued on the following airports: NC, NJ, Lisbon, London, Seoul, Paris, Lisbon, DC, NC (in this order of stops.) I am lucky to be able to travel and to have some fun while waiting for the next adventure. Now to load the kindle.


  1. Well I would say you have learned very quickly. These blocks are fantastic...I really like them.

  2. Your blocks are stunning.
    I like the yarn you are using for your socks too. I wish I knew how to knit but then again I really don't need another hobby. lol


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