Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day 2012

A very productive Valentines Day. I finished the third step for the "Takes 2" sew along. They are the red and white blocks. We got one extra clue to attach them together, so they are together. I did not use the paper piecing suggested. I have a Companion and a Easy Angle rulers and I can make most blocks with triangles using them. It is very easy to figure out the size of the strips you need. I just measured the size of the square on my paper piecing directions, added the seam allowances and cut the strips that size. In other words, you cut the squares, rectangles, triangles from the same size strips.
There are a lot of seams meeting on points, so I did press some of the seams open.

I also finished the BOM block for January. John from Quilt Dad was the designer. I made mine a little different. I made 2 striped pieces with irregular size strips. I did trim them to 4.5" by 8.5". I measured 3" from the left and the right corners of 1 of the long sides of the striped pieces. I cut a diagonal line between the corner top and the 3" mark on the bottom. This created the 2 striped parallelograms.
I use one of the trimmed triangles as a pattern for the black fabric. I just added seam allowances to this triangle and had my pattern for the background. I needed mirror image triangles; 2 of each.
Finally, I did sew the 2 background triangles to each stripped parallelogram and had my 2 rectangles. Just had to sew them together in the shape of the hourglass.

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