Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is what my design wall looks like today. I have 3 blocks completed for the Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt. They are not trimmed or pressed. The 4th one is in the process of "leaf audition." I am also working on 2 others that are in various stage of completion (not pictured). I need to buy some yellow thread to finish them. I am preparing a few more to work when I am away.

This next picture is the new cover for my hot pink Sony Cyber Shot camera. I have saved some of the salvage edges from a few fabrics to make a pin cushion. Well, change in plans. I made the cover instead. I started with a 8.5" square of pink dot fabric, and the same size batting. On top of the batting I did  sew the salvage edges overlaping each other ( the finished edge covering the raw edge), until the batting was completed covered. I did cut the square into 2 rectangles one is 3.5" X 7" and the other is 3.5"X 5". So the long rectangle is the one with the flap as the cover. I used a few more pieces of salvage as trim for the camera pocket; and now my camera is well protected in my purse.

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