Friday, January 6, 2012

It Takes 2 part 1

These are the first 6 blocks from this sew along. I am using a solid red from Kona fabrics called "Cardinal" and a solid white from a bolt that I have for 5 years or so. I am debating with the red work embroidery. I think I will use the white blocks to add some quilting instead. I do not enjoy embroidery at this point. I have done it so much, that I am tired of it. I am looking forward the next blocks on the 15th of January.
This was a lot of fun. I have not trimmed the blocks to size or removed the marks from the appliqué. I will wash them soon. I need to buy the color grab product before I wash these blocks, just in case...
I will trim when we get the instructions to put these blocks together in March. This delay will prevent the many loose threads that always happens when I handle the blocks of my quilts.

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My work at the Houston Quilt Festival 2017

It is hanging at the "Texas Quilt Guild Showcase." What an honor to be in such talented company.