Friday, January 6, 2012

Denise the pig bank

This is Denise. I bought her last year at a Goodwill store. Let me back up. 
I find a lot of coins on the streets and put them in my shoe for good luck all day. DH always makes fun of me and tells me to "find a million dollars," I guess that would be "good luck." My thing is that one cannot be greedy.
So I decided that I was going to put all the money I found in 2011 on a bank and count it at the end of the year. Since Denise is a pig, I had decided that all the money would go to an animal shelter. So January 1, 2012, I opened up the bank and I have collected US$6.10. How about that!
I did find some Australian dollars and Euros. But I converted them to USD when I got home. The 2 bills I found in the woods near my home. Probably some poor jogger lost them.
I have started to collect the "found" coins again. Happy to report that Denise has already 3 cents for 2012.

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