Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Romania 1

Just came back from 5 days in Romania. I loved every minute of it. What is not to love about spend some time with great friends on a beautiful country? Photos in future post. Waiting on DH to do some fancy "stitch" with them.
On the right are some future crafts projects. Romanian fabrics, ribbons, and magazine. I love the ribbon with the colors of the flag. The white paper is from the Peasant's Museum in Bucharest. I bought small pottery items there (not on the picture) and my friend gave me the most gorgeous blouse from the gift shop. This is a must see museum.
When I travel I like to read the "Lonely Planet" guide books. They are very "cranky" on their reviews of everything. So you are prepared; but you also realize that, most time, it is not so bad. I also like Ricky Stevens guide books.
I am glad I did read the Lonely guide (thanks CH library). I am very ignorant on Eastern European EVERYTHING; and the book was wonderful to get the basics.
Just want to say: Romanian people, my hats off to you! Thanks for such great memories.

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  1. Welcome back, Dear Friend. I'm so glad to hear you had a great time, and I'm really looking forward to hearing all about it when I see you.

    Rick Steves is the BEST when it comes to touring info, isn't he?



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