Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Power House Museum Sydney

The Power House Museum in Sydney is located in Ultimo and is housed in this old beautiful building that was the power plant for Sydney. It has things for adults and kids to enjoy. Well done! This 2 pictures are part of a design show. The cool dress above is just my kind of art. The bead necklace is actually painted on the dress. I want a dress like that. I am sorry I can't remember the artist name. I think she is Kiwi (New Zealender). They have work from designers from all over the world, not just Ausies. The other picture has a white fabric on the center. It is a Japanese designer and the fabric is folded like a shibori fold and permanently pressed to keep the folds. Love it, love it, love it. Husband loved all the engines and big machine stuff they had around the place too. It was enough to spend a whole day there. Some of the other cool areas- photos are not allowed. Fair enough, you have to check it for yourself.

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