Sunday, October 4, 2009

Internet ups and most downs

We are living in an apartment in Coogee beach outside Sydney. Internet connection is not one of the positive aspects of this location. We have prepaid wireless internet. That is if we take the computer to the beach. We are on our second internet provider. The first one "3" doesn't work at all in the apartment. The second one "Telstra" drops the connection off when I am sending e-mails or posting blogs. Many blogs were lost this way. But I can do it inside the apartment.
The cell/mobile phone is a prepaid by Optpus. It works; except if we leave the phone in the bedroom. (This is a one bedroom apartment). if we forget and take 7 steps north and get in the bedroom, the caller will be left talking to a dead phone. So don't try to reach for a piece of paper in the bedroom while you are on the phone. The bad part for me in the begining was that I did not have the phone cord to remind me that I could not go that far. Now, I remember. Pavlov would be so proud of me. Did I mentioned that all the above are VERY expensive in Australia?

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  1. Oh Cissa,

    Sounds like an annoying problem with phone and internet. But, luckily you are trainable... Pavlov would be so proud! :D


    (Oh, and I did what you suggested and started blogging our kitchen makeover!)



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