Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gold Coast

Gold Coast of Australia is the area south of Brisbane and North of the New South Wales border. It is about 60 miles of beaches. Think Miami/Daytona Beach Florida and you get the idea. A lot of real state development. But still fun. While we were there we could see the whales and their babies playing from the beach. It was the most incredible sight. No need for a boat. I spent hours there. But this is not the norm. Most of the time you need to go out on a boat to see them migrating south. The top picture is of the rescue boat that had just come back from saving a baby whale from the net that is around the beach to protect the swimmers from sharks. This poor young one got caught on the net and needed to be rescued. The most amazing thing is that 2 adult whales stayed with the baby until it was safe and free. It took quite sometime for them to cut the net. 4 boats and 1 helicopter were there; and of course all the TV stations. I can't believe that they go out on those small boats and work. The baby alone was bigger than the boat. Not to mention the 2 adults. The other 2 pictures are of Mermaid Beach were we stayed and saw all these happening and Surfers Paradise where most restaurants, tours and shops are.

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