Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block I-10

I am a member of a Yahoo group that is making the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler quilt.
I have been part of this group for a long time. I have stopped making blocks for quite a few months and recently have started working on this 6.5 inches blocks. There are 140 blocks. 
Linda is the moderator and she is awesome. She helps with all kinds of problems including posting blocks for us when we run into trouble. Thanks Linda.
Linda picks a block for the members to make each week; and if you post your block by Saturday of that week on the Yahoo site, your name is entered on a lottery to win a pretty pin at the end of the month. (I have not won, yet !!!). 
The instructions to make the block are on the book by the same name. 
This week it is a block that I had cut the pieces for it about 3 years ago; and had not sewn it together. But today, I took the challenge and finished it.
It is block I-10 called "Rocky Road to Dublin" found on page 62 of the book.
I had made a couple of the green and white units; but they were not turning well. So, I had to go to a better plan. This is how I solved my problem with the small curve. 
I started with a bigger curve.
pinning the 2 pieces together

sewing using 1.5 stitch length and going slow
units sewn but not trimmed or pressed, so the little pleats are shown around the seam.

I had sewn this one 3 years ago with regular stitch length (not so good)

Made a paper template to trim down to size and used a ruler to trim to size as almost seen on the left

Block conquered and I feel so much better
I have not remade the older green/white units. Just to show how much better it got after 3 years.

***Oh happy dance*** I just found out that I won the pin this month. I can't wait to see it.
Thank you.

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