Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Quilting Day, 2015

March 21, International Quilt Day, Spring is 1 day old in the north hemisphere, and Fall is 1 day old in the southern hemisphere (I know, Australia and New Zealand started on the first of March).

fence pattern in downtown Christchurch, New Zealand
This amazing link fence is around downtown Christchurch, New Zealand. I have pictures of other patterns; but they are in another photo card, so only this one will do for now.
It is made of plastic squares added to the spaces in the link fence. These squares make up some pretty patterns so you don't just see the fence and the construction sites; or the buildings waiting for demolition.
 fence in the cathedral square
A lot of Christchurch and surroundings were destroyed on February 2011 by an earthquake; and most of the town is either under construction, waiting to be demolished, or waiting for a decision on what to do about it.
It is hard not to feel sad there. But the awesome people that live there are moving forward.
The cathedral, photo below, has been waiting on court decisions about how to rebuild it. As of this week, it seems that both parties agree that it will be rebuild in the old style using new technology and materials. Kudos to both parts. All the best to all.
Over 1600 buildings were lost in the center of town. And over 9000 homes destroyed in the area (population 360000). It takes a lot of effort and courage to keep going and they are doing it.

Cathedral as of March 2015

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