Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Quilt in the Seoul area

Happy Quilt as seen from the station
This is an incredible warehouse about 40 miles south of Seoul. It was an adventure to get here without speaking any English. But so worth it.
This site has a lot of nice pictures of the place inside.
To get here, I took the subway and it was about 2 hours for me coming from the south side of the city, if you are coming from the north, plan to add more time. Just so you know, the subway takes 3 minutes between stations. But as you are going south, the stations are farther apart than that.
To get here, I took the line 1 (dark blue line) to Jije Station. Most of the trip is above ground so you can see the country side of Seoul. The warehouse itself is in the middle of rice fields. I loved it.
Happy Quilt also have a small stall inside the Dondemung market (5th floor) with a lot less fabrics, of course.
I just want to emphasize that you need to take exit 2.  If you see the Emart store as you exit, you are going the wrong way.
In May 2013, the price of the fabrics is about USD$4.00 per yard, and a fat quarter UDS$1.10. The quality of the fabric is excellent; but you will not find the whole collection of each designer.
My suite case is a little heavier than when I arrived  ^-^

Jije Station. Remember to get off exit 2 

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  1. with those prices it sounds like it was worth the trip.


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