Monday, March 18, 2013

Hobart and Port Arthur, Tasmania

Hobart, Mt Wellington and Salamanca Square
DH and I always wanted to go to Tasmania. This year we got our chance. It is beautiful!
 We only stay there for 4 days and saw the area around Hobart which is the south side of the island; therefore it is very dry. The west is wet and green; but not Hobart. But is gorgeous and the people are so friendly. We loved it and plan to go back some day to visit the rest of the state.
This has the potential to be a very long entry; but I will keep it short.
If you go do the research. It is worth it.

We also visited Port Arthur, a penal colony near Hobart. Devil's kitchen is a must stop if you are going there. Port Arthur has the potential to be a very depressing place; but it is not. A tragedy happened there a few years back. Read about it and don't bring it up while you are there. They will ask you not to do so. It is still very painful for them.
The area is so pretty and the tour is so well done.

Devils Kitchen near Port Arthur

Port Arthur
Charles Wellings was the convict that I was supposed to be when I got there. I will not spoil for you in case you get the same card (8 of spades). You get to find out what happens to "you" there.
So this gives a real sense of understanding of the place and time.
Port Arthur 

Another must see in this area is MONA. A very unusual museum that is a ferry ride away. Please keep in mind that you need to have a very open mind here. Some things are offensive; and frankly, I wish I had not seen a few of the "art". But everything is a learning experience.
My very favorite here is the water fall below that gives you the headline news. As the water falls, different faucets open and close, so it makes the letters appear. You can read the word "toddler" below; but since it is the headlines, it is mostly bad news.
MONA Museum
Waterfall inside the MONA

Richmond on the Coal River
Last, the town of Richmond. It is a beautiful town with great food, shops, and wineries to visit.
 A great place to eat is the bakery in town. If you are there on a weekend; prepare to wait a long time.
Of course, I found a quilt.
This one is in the physician's home in Port Arthur. The staff, physicians, military, etc all lived in the same area, so this is in the village around the prison.

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