Sunday, July 10, 2011

Puerto Rico and quilt

The last week of June and first week of July was spent in Puerto Rico helping DS to move in for the next 4 years of grad. school. We stayed in a nice resort hotel in Humacao called Palmas del Mar; and traveled daily under heavy rain to Caguas the new home to DS. Driving in Puerto Rico is an experience on its own. Lots and lots of pot holes; and drivers that make their own crazy rules. And you pay toll for all this fun. I have never seeing less civil drivers, and I have been around some.
The food is very good there. "Mofongos" are a must try if you go.  Be prepared to add a few pounds/kilos to your frame.
I found a small but nice quilt store in Caguas. It is on Hwy 1 and next to a large supermarket called Ralph's. They have yarns, fabrics, and sewing machines. They also have supplies for heirloom sewing. The name is Heirloom Sewing Studio and the address can be found here:
The site is in Spanish; but they speak English also. I just got a couple of fabrics for work in progress. Prices are not a lot higher than the continental US. (Everything else is more expensive since they have to be brought in to the island.)
I did not have time to check stores in San Juan or other cities. It is always warm in Puerto Rico, so I assume that most quilts are for children and for decoration; not necessarily to keep warm.
I continue to work on my appliqué; but not much to show yet. Photos soon.

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