Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goodies from the guild meeting

Every January the DOQ- Durham Orange Quilt Guild has a silent auction. Members of the Guild bring everything that they don't need any longer to sell. All the money goes to the Guild to fund our events. It is a great place to donate. You know that your stuff will stay with people that will appreciate it. We all bid against each other. What a fun! Every year, I say that I will not buy anything. But it is hard to resit. This is what I got this year. All these books; and this Pfaff sewing machine with all the accessories and manual. And 2 half yards of some Kaffe's fabric for one "Jackson." What a deal! For the ones not familiar with the green backs, Jackson's picture is on the 20.

This gorgeous Amarillis is blooming now. I planted the bulb before Christmas. It was suppose to bloom in 8 weeks. Someone forgot to give it a calendar. Not complaining, I am enjoying the flowers now all the same.

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