Sunday, December 11, 2016

Blues and Reds Scrap Quilt

Great quilt; ugly picture. 
I am so tired of trying to take a good picture of quilts. I don't have the space. It is so bad; that I decided to keep it "as is." Not even cropping it. ⬇⬇
But anyway, this is a donation quilt made by many hands. The Cotton Piking Bee provided the fabrics. Susanne P cut all the triangles with her Accuquilt Go. I did the sewing of the top. Chris, from Quilt Your Own in Stafford, Texas did the quilt, and I completed the binding.
Quilt size: 61 inches by 46 inches

Detail showing the long-arm quilting.

The blocks are half square triangles put together to look like a Flying Geese. The finished size of the square  in this quilt is 3 3/4 inches. There are 12 squares across and 16 squares down.
You can cut any size triangles and use any combination you want.  It is a controlled scrap quilt. I only used blues and reds/pinks with a light background.
To make your own half square triangle, start with a square that is 7/8" bigger than your desired finished square and cut once in the diagonal. For example, if you want a 4 inch finished half square triangle, cut your initial square at 4 7/8" and cut it once on the diagonal, yielding 2 triangles.
Do the same with your background fabric. Using one of each, put right sides together, and sew on the diagonal seam, with  a 1/4" seam allowance.

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My work at the Houston Quilt Festival 2017

It is hanging at the "Texas Quilt Guild Showcase." What an honor to be in such talented company.