Friday, February 6, 2015

Lattice Christmas Continues

This is how the Cotton Pickin Bee is completing the lattice blocks for our donation quilt.
 The block finishes 10 inches and is made out of 2 1/2 inches strips cut in squares and rectangles. 
Steps to complete the lattice block step by step from left to right. On top is the finished block
The way we approached it was to give 2 1/2" strips of dark (Christmas prints); and white fabrics to Bee members and ask them to make a unit using  light-dark-light  squares and attach it to a dark rectangle. On this top photo the unit is the rectangle on the left.
When we met this week, we shuffled all the finished units and re-distributed them to members of the Bee to complete the 10 inches blocks (10 1/2" unfinished.)
So, from left to right, you see that the first step is to attach a light square with a partial seam to the dark rectangle on the unit. 
Next you attach another unit to the center square and the side of the first unit, and continue this way until 4 units are attached to the center square. The last step is to complete the first partial seam.
When we meet again, we will take all the finish blocks and decide how we will finish the quilt.

Some of the finished blocks.

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  1. Christmas colors! You have ten months to get your quilt done. A nice block design.


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