Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wash your fabrics

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Last year, I was inspired by a post from this link:
 She had made this incredible quilt for a contest and won first place. I knew she would win. Her block is lovely. She made it 17 inches square and used 2 inch squares of fabric given to her. You can see her post on the link above.
I had decided to make a similar one; but with my spin on her idea. Mine is a rectangle and I did draft it by hand. (I do like hers much better); but I was thinking about making and donating mine to our Guild silent auction that will benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.
My intention was to see if I could do it, send a photo to her and ask permission to donate and give her credit on the design, of course.
This is the picture I was going to send her while I was almost finished with the binding.
Well, it all changed when I washed the quilt. Many of the colors have run. Three washes later with as many catch all sheets and the top is still a mess.
So, I will try wash once more and try other stain removers; and if it works, I will ask her if I can donate it. Otherwise, it will live in my studio where everything is loved even if not perfect.
I will have to come up with another donation soon. The silent auction is in October.
Note:  5 washes and as many catch all sheets did the trick. The quilt is looking OK again.


  1. Oh, that is too bad. I usually wash my fabrics as soon as I get them home especially red, blue and purples.

    1. Thanks Carrie,
      5 sheets of Catch All and 2 days of soaking and rinsing later, it is looking much better. I think I can salvage it.

  2. I'm so glad all the dye came out in the end. They look like lovely hand-dyed fabrics! How did the auction go?

  3. The auction went really well, the quilt sold after several bids to a friend of mine; the biggest winner was the Make a Wish with more than USD 1,000.00 raised from this auction.


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