Sunday, November 20, 2011

Block Buffet and X-mas block

The AQS: American Quilt Society is having a mystery quilt  Called: "Block Buffet" by Linda Hahn. This mystery will finish on November 23, 2011. I have been making the blocks for the past 4 weeks. But have not shared them. I was not sure of the fabrics I have chosen. It is a bunch of fabrics that I have bought all over the planet.  This is the center of my quilt. I think it is about 20 inches. I am liking it more and more as I work on it. It is not a difficult quilt to make so far. You can check more photos of other people that are working on this quilt at My Quilt I am not a member of this group. So I am not linking it.
There are a lot of little squares that will be sewn on the next step. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

 Below is a 12" block I made for a block drawing at my guild. Every year we buy the fabric, make the block and hope for the chance to win all of them. This is an African fabric and I added my own red fabric.
We always have one more traditional fabric and one ethnic fabric. I have not made the other block yet. Don't know if I will have time to make it either.

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  1. I love the fabrics in your "Block Buffet", what a great start for your quilt. I was trying to pick out a favorite fabric, but I think that they are all beautiful.


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