Thursday, August 4, 2011

Love of Chickens

If  you know me, you know that I love chickens. The little clay ones are from Brazil. Some are gifts from DH and DS. (Love you guys.)
When I saw this fabric on a local shop, I had to buy it. Have not sewn garments for a while; but here it is a very short skirt (oops) in chicken fabric.
But since this is about quilting too. Here it is: I made a "mug rug" to give to a friend who loves chickens like me. This rug is 6" by 10". Enough to hold her cup of coffee and a cookie or 2. I just cut strips about 2" by 6.5" and a wider one for the featured chickens. The back is all chicken fabric. I quilted with a stitch from my Pffaf that looks like chicken foot prints. I cut the binding at 1.75", so it is more in proportion with the little rug.

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My work at the Houston Quilt Festival 2017

It is hanging at the "Texas Quilt Guild Showcase." What an honor to be in such talented company.