Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Work in some progress

We have been busy here these days. But still found some time to work on quilts. The pink quilt with birds with big eyes is a donation. I am working on binding. It is a simple Fibonacci square blocks and the squares are 2, 3, 5, 8 inches. The quilt is about 45 inches. The borders about 5 inches. Fast, fun and almost done.

 Picture 2, is a quilt from the book Birds of a Feather by Barb Adams and Alma Allen from Blackbird Designs. The final quilt will be 73" by 81" and there are pieced blocks among the appliqué. I am preparing several appliqué blocks ahead of time because DH will be receiving a most prestigious award at the land of Cervantes and I will have some airport time to put to a good use. What you see is some rough cut and glued/pinned pieces. The pieced blocks will be done later. Some of the blocks will have circles for "berries" and they are not here either.
Finally, DOQ, my local guild, has a block of the month. I love to participate on those. I forgot to take a picture of the ones from last month. These are the ones due now in May. Easy and fun. We make the blocks and someone will win them at the meeting. I do have many other "work in progress"; but that is a subject for another time. ;-)

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