Saturday, November 14, 2009

Health is good

While in Sydney, had to see a doctor last week. Actually, 2. First a GP and than the specialist. My physician in the US answered my e-mail and suggested an local visit was in order. I tried to contact the specialist and found out that I could see one 4 months after I am due back home. I was told to see the GP first and that would determined the urgency. So I walked in a Coogee clinic and saw the nicest GP. After a complete check up I was on my way to the specialist next morning. She is a extremely nice person and doctor. Had may tests done, she increased the dosage of medicine, added 1 more and I am feeling great again. But with one small problem. One of the side effects of the medicine is insomnia. And let me tell you. I am extremely happy today. It is 4 AM and I slept for 4 full hours. This is the most I have slept in 9 days. Oh joy!
I am reading a lot of quilting magazines that a friend lent me; but nothing else gets done.

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  1. So sorry to hear you had some health troubles, Cissa. And insomnia, well, ick. I hope it wears off soon...




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