Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yarn stores in Granada and Seville, Spain

Just back from a trip to Seville and Granada in Spain where I had a chance to visit some nice yarn stores among site seeing.
I did buy some nice yarn and almost finished a scarf on the way home. Long trip due to weather.
In Granada, I visited:

"Home suit home"
Calle San Anton 10 Bajo
18012 Granada
 phone: 958521995
Granada, Spain

The store has some nice yarns AND fabrics. There is an area for classes and it is very close to the historic center, so if you are around the center area, it is just a few steps away.
I did buy some cotton yarn  "Katia Arte" which is MADE in Spain. How cool is that!
There is a yarn store at "Gran Vie de Colon" near "porta de Elvira;" but I did not manage to get there when the store was opened. I did buy yarn there in the past.

The address:
Lanas Ricardo
Pie de la Torre, 4
Zona Centro, Granada

Next, it was Seville. There I went to "Lanas Esther" where the ladies that own the place make you feel very welcome and are very helpful. I did buy more cotton yarn, this time "Katia Thahiti Beach" in 2 different colors (this is a variegated thread), and another ribbon type thread that is acrylic but looks like cotton.  I bought "Katia Jedi" to make a cool top that the ladies where kind enough to write down the directions for me. I can't wait to make this one. But it has to wait a little longer so I can finish some other projects.

The address:
Lanas Esther
Calle Madre Ràfols, 3
41011 Sevilla, Spain
+34 954 45 56 94
Plaza de Spain in Seville

Barrio Remedios in Seville
Lanas Esther as photographed by DH.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler block I-10

I am a member of a Yahoo group that is making the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler quilt.
I have been part of this group for a long time. I have stopped making blocks for quite a few months and recently have started working on this 6.5 inches blocks. There are 140 blocks. 
Linda is the moderator and she is awesome. She helps with all kinds of problems including posting blocks for us when we run into trouble. Thanks Linda.
Linda picks a block for the members to make each week; and if you post your block by Saturday of that week on the Yahoo site, your name is entered on a lottery to win a pretty pin at the end of the month. (I have not won, yet !!!). 
The instructions to make the block are on the book by the same name. 
This week it is a block that I had cut the pieces for it about 3 years ago; and had not sewn it together. But today, I took the challenge and finished it.
It is block I-10 called "Rocky Road to Dublin" found on page 62 of the book.
I had made a couple of the green and white units; but they were not turning well. So, I had to go to a better plan. This is how I solved my problem with the small curve. 
I started with a bigger curve.
pinning the 2 pieces together

sewing using 1.5 stitch length and going slow
units sewn but not trimmed or pressed, so the little pleats are shown around the seam.

I had sewn this one 3 years ago with regular stitch length (not so good)

Made a paper template to trim down to size and used a ruler to trim to size as almost seen on the left

Block conquered and I feel so much better
I have not remade the older green/white units. Just to show how much better it got after 3 years.

***Oh happy dance*** I just found out that I won the pin this month. I can't wait to see it.
Thank you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Life of Plenty from Jeni's blog

A Life of  Plenty quilt
This gorgeous quilt was a quilt along from this blog linked here:

Jeni has posted the patterns for the blocks on her website: 

and the directions to make the blocks on her blog.
 So do go to both to figure out the block size and so on.
 Her quilt pictured above, is a really pretty quilt made with cotton and wool. 
I am not near close to make all the blocks; but I have all the patterns. I am using only cottons in spring colors for my blocks.
The photo above is from her March 19th, 2015 post if you want to see it there.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Quilting Day, 2015

March 21, International Quilt Day, Spring is 1 day old in the north hemisphere, and Fall is 1 day old in the southern hemisphere (I know, Australia and New Zealand started on the first of March).

fence pattern in downtown Christchurch, New Zealand
This amazing link fence is around downtown Christchurch, New Zealand. I have pictures of other patterns; but they are in another photo card, so only this one will do for now.
It is made of plastic squares added to the spaces in the link fence. These squares make up some pretty patterns so you don't just see the fence and the construction sites; or the buildings waiting for demolition.
 fence in the cathedral square
A lot of Christchurch and surroundings were destroyed on February 2011 by an earthquake; and most of the town is either under construction, waiting to be demolished, or waiting for a decision on what to do about it.
It is hard not to feel sad there. But the awesome people that live there are moving forward.
The cathedral, photo below, has been waiting on court decisions about how to rebuild it. As of this week, it seems that both parties agree that it will be rebuild in the old style using new technology and materials. Kudos to both parts. All the best to all.
Over 1600 buildings were lost in the center of town. And over 9000 homes destroyed in the area (population 360000). It takes a lot of effort and courage to keep going and they are doing it.

Cathedral as of March 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Hope you have a great day with your loved ones.

Directions for this block can be found here:

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sally Post in Pastel Colors

I have had the directions to make this quilt for a long time.
This is the year, I have decided,  to have it "started."
The pattern can be purchased from Sentimental Stitches. Below is the link and a photo of the original quilt.

Original Sally Post quilt
The directions come with patterns to make the blocks on point as the picture above, and also to make them straight as in regular rows.
I am making my blocks on point; but I want a wall hanging and not a bed quilt, so I will not make my  quilt top with the square in a square and sashing layout.
I have some ideas on how to finish this top; but it is too early and I know I will probably see something that might change my mind as I go.

 Preparing Sally Post blocks 
 In theory, I am preparing these blocks to take on a trip. But, in reality, I have already completed the applique on a few of them.
I am not trimming them to size, just doing the sewing and putting them away.
Because they are so small and fast to complete, I can't resist to just add one more stitch ^-^
Glue basted blocks with seams turned under for hand applique

close up in shades of gray

Friday, February 6, 2015

Lattice Christmas Continues

This is how the Cotton Pickin Bee is completing the lattice blocks for our donation quilt.
 The block finishes 10 inches and is made out of 2 1/2 inches strips cut in squares and rectangles. 
Steps to complete the lattice block step by step from left to right. On top is the finished block
The way we approached it was to give 2 1/2" strips of dark (Christmas prints); and white fabrics to Bee members and ask them to make a unit using  light-dark-light  squares and attach it to a dark rectangle. On this top photo the unit is the rectangle on the left.
When we met this week, we shuffled all the finished units and re-distributed them to members of the Bee to complete the 10 inches blocks (10 1/2" unfinished.)
So, from left to right, you see that the first step is to attach a light square with a partial seam to the dark rectangle on the unit. 
Next you attach another unit to the center square and the side of the first unit, and continue this way until 4 units are attached to the center square. The last step is to complete the first partial seam.
When we meet again, we will take all the finish blocks and decide how we will finish the quilt.

Some of the finished blocks.